Saturday, March 22, 2003

Morning Musings-There was a plaque at my grandparent's cottage that read "Everything I like is either illegal, immoral, or fattening." This jogged that memory
In Geneva, the World Council of Churches called the assault "immoral, illegal and ill-advised."
At least our war with Iraq is fat-free. Here's a good counterpoint from the National Post's Christie Blatchford
Those opposed to this one will say, as New Democrat leader Jack Layton said yesterday, about the explosions being shown again and again from the centre of Baghdad, that you can't have bombs without civilian casualties and will proclaim, as he did, "The death toll is rising!" Those like me will see, in the clear care that the Yanks and Brits are taking to minimize those casualties, that this war is curiously moral in its very own distinct 21st century manner.
Michigan State got through to the second round last night, although our local CBS affiliate was carrying the Louisville-Austin Peay (great name for a Texas porta-potty supplier) game. In Spudlet's prediction game, I'm tied with Careaga and Holtsberry with 26 games picked. Spuds doesn't have Andrew's second-rounders in, but Kevin has the inside track. Two of my bracket winners (Southern Illinois and St. Joseph's) got knocked off while one of Kevin's (Dayton) failed to survive the first round. However, a MSU win over Florida could even that up.

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