Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Morning Musings-Still recovering from this flu bug-at least I'm not in fellowship with the porcelain gods anymore, but I'm in that gone-ten-rounds-with-[insert heavyweight champ]-and-lost recovery mode. I hope I'm not "out for the duration", for I'm slated to lecture on bond duration this afternoon in my Investments class. I'm playing hooky from chapel and resting up at home before belatedly going in to prep for class. The President seemed to do a good job last night, showing the proper amount of reflection and resolve. He chose not to give the UN or the French and Russians both barrels as many would have liked him to do, but he's doing the prudent thing rather than the gut-reaction thing. Giving Saddam 48 hours to leave also gave everyone 48 hours to bug out before the bombs fly. Some interesting fallout from this new form of March Madness (watch your anti-war crowd borrow that), the original form might have to postpone games
[NCAA President Myles] Brand acknowledged Monday for the first time that the NCAA was checking the availability of arenas and hotels for the days after first and second-round games are scheduled to be completed. That would give the officials more flexibility in making a decision about postponements for the basketball tournaments -- and other national championships. "We don't know when it will start, and we have to be respectful of our men and women in uniform," Brand said following an NCAA town hall meeting on sportsmanship that was sponsored by Indianapolis television station WISH. "On the other hand, I think we have to be very careful not to let Saddam Hussein control our lives.
Might I be a bit cynical to point out that the respect the NCAA is more interested in is the respect to CBS and their sponsors who wouldn't be getting all those ads seen if CBS is busy covering the war Thursday and Friday night? Pushing back the start of the tournement keeps those "student"-athletes away from school longer and doesn't aid the war effort.

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