Monday, March 24, 2003

Morning Musings-Spring Break has arrived, although I'll be keeping a little busy with a morning session of the conference and posting of grades for my Managerial Econ class this afternoon. Martin Roth has a good essay on anti-Iraq-war protestors, pointing out that they're typically anti-Western-led war protestors and are silent when wars happen without the US' involvement. The last paragraph in Roth's essay was interesting.
Yes, once again, as so often in our history, it seems our church leaders have capitulated to the culture.
I don't think they've "capitulated to the culture" for they are the culture, being part and parcel of the liberal elites. There's a longer rant coming on that topic. Yesterday was bad PR day for the war. We accidentally shot down a British plane, got some of our guys taken as POWs and got nine guys killed in an ambush and Saddam's on the air talking trash. However, there was a good part of the day; we captured a chemical plant 90 miles from Baghdad that might well be a chemical weapons facility. Please note the distance from Baghdad one more time. The noose is tightening. [update 1:35 3/27-It looks like the plant wasn't doing any chemical weapons-a warblog watcher called me out on the point, although I've been more of a Word, Spirit and Power blogger than a warblogger this week] I was too busy to watch, but MSU let loose a can o' whuppin on Florida yesterday; how much do I rub it in Dr. White's face? Butler made the Sweet 16, making them this year's mid-major Cinderella and giving headline writers the excuse to say "Butler did it." I'm not a movie buff, so the Oscars was largely a non-event for me. Good to see Mr. Moore get booed as he let loose with a factually-challenged Bush-whacking.

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