Monday, March 31, 2003

Morning Musings-Sad days for Spartan fans-MSU didn't have enough to get past Texas yesterday. However, one of my blog buddies is happy. We use whiteboards and erasable ink in the classroom these days, but we'll grab some Rock Chalk for next weekend. They're bombing the heck out of Baghdad; at least the military and leadership targets. Remember that it took three weeks of softening up before we went in last time. Good sign for the East-the Pistons managed to beat the Kings. At the Palace, but still a step in the right direction. Good chuckler from Steve White over at Rantburg as he fisks Belgium's PM Verhofstadt
"America, a power deeply injured, and has become very dangerous, and it thinks to take over the whole Arab world," Belgian RTL TV quoted him saying. He said the US regards the Arab world responsible for all terrorism. Well not all of it, but it sures to be a growth industry there. "This is a logic which I do not share," he said. It's not clear you share any logic. Okay, obvious cheap shot, but this is Rantburg.
Steve upholds the grand Fred Pruitt tradition of yellow journalism (done in blue here since I have a yellow background)

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