Monday, March 10, 2003

Morning Musings-My Managerial Econ class is behind me (it was one of those one-month classes that are very trying to teach), so you might see some more blogging this week. However, I won't have as much time for blogging as normal, since the in-laws are coming today from Houston, likely to arrive in Winter Haven even as I speak. Eileen had the advantage of spending a year-and-a-half getting to know my parents and becoming part of the family in a real way. On the other hand, I've spent about a grand total of a week with her parents. This week could be interesting. One of the interesting things coming out of the weekend's news was that Iran is far along the nuclear path. At this point, Iran is the junior partner in the AofE and deserves to be watched very closely. The thing I would be fearful of is Iran giving Hizbollah the bomb under the table. We had some interesting discussions on advertising in my Managerial Econ and Microecon classes. It doesn't pay for an individual firm to advertise if they are selling a commodity that doesn't differ from firm to firm, but the industry as a whole might be in position to advertise, like the milk, cheese ("I didn't leave him cookies, I left him cheese!"), beef and raisin (my Micro class got a kick out of me singing the opening bars of I Heard it Through the Grapevine) campaigns. However, my favorite was when the old Juan Valdez coffee ads were brought up; one of the ads mentioned had a Juan sighting in the coffee aisle of the supermarket-"maybe they were consuming a bit too much of that other Columbian export" was a student comment. Speaking of drugs, it looks like the North Korean might be financing stuff through drug smuggling to Japan. There's only so many cheap suits you can sell the Japanese. The weekend wouldn't be complete without a good fisking-watch Mr. Peterson eviscerate the Man From Plains with extreme prejudice.

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