Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Morning Musings-Lileks fisks with extreme prejudice a idiotarian peacenik flyer he got in Gnat's preschool class. "I intend to send Gnat to public school, but I’m already weary - if this is the sort of stuff that creeps into preschool, I wonder what’s coming down the road." This is becoming interesting out in San Francisco, where there are mass resignations from the upper parts of the police department. An assistant chief's son got into a late-night drunken brawl with two other SFPDers against some civilians, and a good hunk of the SFPD brass has been indicted in a cover-up of the incident, including the police chief. I'd blogged on this earlier, getting hits for info on the acting chief, Heather Fong, one of the assistant chiefs not implicated in the cover-up. Chief Earl Sanders is taking medical leave; this would give anyone a whopper of a headache. It is brewing into a fight between Mayor Willie Brown, who's backing the police, and DA Terence Hallinan, who's made comparisons to Watergate in an NPR piece yesterday. Brown and Hallinan don't like each other much these days, with Hallinan possible angling to challenge Brown for mayor next go-round. I wouldn't shed any tears if this helped to do in the former Ayatollah of the House. There was a bombing in an airport waiting room in the southern Philippines, killing at least 19. OK, Gaans, I'll not jump to assume that the bombers were Muslim, but I'll be willing to take even-money odds that they were. Draft Ralph Nader? "There are voters who demand a real alternative to President Bush's America." Might I offer Canada or Sweden? We'll help getting you a visa.

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