Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Morning Musings-If you want a four-legged horse; get the House to pass a six-legged horse. The Senate will cut the legs down to three and you can add the fourth leg in the conference committee.
In yesterday's vote, 47 Democrats and one independent were joined by three Republicans -- Snowe, Voinovich and Chafee -- in voting to reduce the tax cut to $350 billion. Sen. Zell Miller (Ga.), the only Democrat who unequivocally supports Bush's tax proposal, was absent because of his son's surgery.
Snowe and Chafee I can see, but when did Voinovich become such a hard-core RINO? No, I only voted for him for Governor twice and only rooted for in from a distance in 1998 to win the Senate seat. At least he votes to keep the Senate committees Republican. Primary challenge, anyone? The war's moving along, with the highlight being taking Iraqi TV's main transmitter off the air. The Supremes are tackling campaign law, but only a Right to Life challenge to be allowed to directly contribute to candidates rather than set up a PAC. An NPR piece yesterday noted that McCain-Feingold is still stuck at the district court level and the Supremes are antsy to get at it before they break for the summer. No permalink for this, but check out a cute picture of Gnat in the Hello Kitty garb Lileks was talking about yesterday.

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