Friday, March 21, 2003

Midday Musings-We're seeing a traditional holidy on most college campus, where students take the high holy day of St. Friday of Spring Break off. The bare majority (7 of 12) that did show up to my Personal Finance class got treated to this Powerpoint slide in my retirement planning lecture
Rollover IRAs
Retirement plan for your dog; they can start making withdrawals at age 8.5 (59.5 in dog years).
I also got to talk some mild smack with Dr. White, a die-hard Gator fan. I reminded him Florida and MSU are bracketed for a second round matchup.
Dr. White-"That assumes that your team wins today." "That also assumes your team wins today."
I am looking forward to a week without anything official to do. I'll be getting a lot of prepping in and taking in a conference at church early in the week.

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