Monday, March 31, 2003

Midday Musings-This is the first day back from spring break and the young'ens are having a little trouble hitting the fastball. The conference last week seems to have helped my confidence as a teacher, as I had the best pair of lectures that I can recall. At lunch I got to get a little belated rubbing-in at Dr. White's expense over the Florida-MSU game last weekend; he already got it rubbed in by some Michigander snowbirds in his Sunday school class. It wasn't the best day for the cafeteria; the school president came in behind me
President Hall-"What's in the Mexican casserole?" Cafeteria staffer-"Try the meatloaf instead"
Not a good sign when the help is steering you away from an item. It was a good day for the soup and sandwich bar. To be fair, the cafeteria does a good job, but they'll occasionally go 0/2 on the main entrees. I was talking about regulating monopolies in my Micro class today, and I used the example of Canadian pharmacutical pricing, where the government sets a price just above marginal cost. If everyone did that, companies wouldn't be able to recoup their R&D costs and research would dry up, sticking the government with the cost of research and making every new possible drug a political football. I've seen a couple of Canadian drug outlet stores set up shop in Polk County (I saw one in Winter Haven and one in Lakeland) and wonder if the reimportation of Canadian drugs will do in the cheap prices. If the drug companies are losing more profits from reimportation than they're gaining from selling to Canada, they might just tell the Canucks to do an unnatural act with themselves. Megan McArdell had a good piece on this last year that I just reread. Lord, this one pinned the claudometer so bad, shrapnel from the machinery is flying all over the office-
Pakistan, a key partner in the U.S.-led war on terror, will declare Al Qaeda a terrorist organization so it can prosecute low-level followers of the group, the interior minister said Monday.
They're a terrorist group? How do you say "Brilliant deduction, Watson!" in Urdu?

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