Monday, March 17, 2003

Midday Musings-Pleasure before business-The NCAA brackets are out, and I might have a fun weekend as we're set for a Florida-MSU second round game. If my budget weren't quite as tight, I'd be tempted to take a road trip to Tampa to check out the games. CMU got an 11-seed, good for a MAC school, and gets Creighton in the first round. Now for the business-we're really heading for war. The US has told the UN/French where they can stick it. People are bugging out of Iraq and Kuwait and the State Department told Americans to bug out of Israel. 8:00PM EST-Dubya on the tube. Will the bombs be airborne before or after he talks? My money's on before, so get your news channel of choice at the ready this dinnertime. Does she get 72 virgins?-an American "human shield" got schmucked by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza, killing her. I'm not sure if a more peaceful Israeli response would be helpful, for it would only encourage the shields from blocking their military activities.

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