Friday, March 14, 2003

Midday Musings-Last night's home group was interesting. My Presbyterian in-laws came along, as did six students from a very spirit-filled F.I.R.E. ministry school up in Pensacola were here getting some third-world missions training at WSC's HEART Institute; one of our home group members is an instructor at HEART and often has students come along to home group with him. Some serious intercession went down during the prayer time. The in-laws didn't seem to be too freaked out; if they did, they didn't say anything. Next stop, seeing what my mom thinks of the Vineyard when she and my dad come down in three weeks and go to church with us. I'm not sure if this Azores Summit is going to be diplomatic in nature. I'm picturing a press conference with Bush, Blair and Aznar where they echo Ari's comment that the French are "ungettable" and stick to a March 17th deadline or close to it. In essence, we'll have a press conference to tell Saddam that his derriere is grass and the Coalition of the Willing is the lawn mower. What if Iraq attacks first, especially at Israel? I don't think he'll win any PR points with the west, but there's an outside shot of him getting a few radical countries to join him in an anti-Israeli campaign. Even short of that, he can then cast the pending fight as a pro-Israel western crusade, putting the best (from Saddam's point of view) spin on his pending loss. Action Democratique, anyone? This is an interestingly idiotarian idea out of Quebec
MONTREAL - Bernard Landry, the Quebec Premier, said yesterday a re-elected PQ government would force companies to give parents with a child 12 years old or younger the option of a four-day workweek as of Jan. 1. Employer groups immediately raised objections, as Mr. Landry, campaigning for the April 14 election, said the government expects business to pick up the tab. The Parti Quebecois estimates it would cost about $100-million; employer groups believe it could cost them $200-million to $300-million. The extra day off would be unpaid but full benefits would remain in effect.
This is the kind of paternalism that you'd expect of European "conservatives." I haven't seen any polls lately, but expect the free-market AD to make some serious inroads next month. Liberal party leader Jean Charest had the best come-back ''I think it's a great idea. Everyone thinks it's a great idea. I happen to think a three-day workweek would be great, too. Some say two and a half is even better."

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