Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Midday Musings-The in-laws are in; Eileen and they are going off to see the east cost over by Vero Beach for the day. The one fubar was when we went to fill up the air matress; the air pump required 12 hours of charging, which we neglected to do. I had to drive over to a friend's house to borrow a cannister vacumn cleaner that can be reversed to blow air (of course, the Spaceballs "She's gone from suck to blow" had to be uttered), saving the day. Interesting footnote embedded in this BBC piece on UN tussles; the US public's behind a non-UN-blessed war. A morning wouldn't be complete with a good fisking, and Ben takes apart Michelle Cottle's piece on God and Dubya to the point of needing DNA evidence to identify the corpse. I got a dead-tree photocopy of this Chronicle of Higher Ed. piece from January on post-modern economists. A big of Googling on the players in the piece found this anti-neoclassical web site "Post-autistic Economics Review" (the neoclasical focus on free markets and statistical analysis is labled as autistic) that has a lot of fiskable stuff. One more to add-over at Samizdata-Mr. de Havilland has a good look at the collateral benefits of an Iraq war for the world and for Europe.

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