Thursday, March 06, 2003

Midday Musings-Fellow faculty member gave this bon mot when discussing a apple-polishing student-"What's the difference between a**-kissing and brown-nosing? Depth perception." People are ready to launch at Danny Davis' impeachment motion. That's common of idiotarians of either party, where they're so opposed to the president of the other party that their policies are criminal. When Dennis The Menace is calling you over the top, you've shown where you are on the food chain. Such political impeachment calls transend party. I remember Bob Barr calling for impeaching Clinton back when Monica was just a character on Friends. Or, if you want to show your age, you might remember the Impeach Earl Warren stickers from the 60s. Fox gets the Senate rules wrong here on the Estrada cloture vote
The vote was 55-44, less than the three-fifths, or 60, votes needed to end debate on Estrada and set him up for an up-or-down vote.
No, it's 60 votes, period. If there were only 98 senators voting, they'd still need 60 votes, not 59.
Four Democrats voted to end debate on Estrada: Sens. Bill Nelson of Florida, John Breaux of Louisiana, Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Zell Miller of Georgia.
I would have expected a lot more than four, but we might be seeing the Democrats going through an idiotarian reactive phase where they simply oppose anything the Republicans do. I'm still waiting for the 24/7 old-school filibuster that would pry a few less-idiotarian Democrats loose. If it ties up the Senate for a few months and keeps a key issue from being voted on, a few Democrats might come on board to at least vote for cloture. Kos gets one right here; the usual suspects (Burma, China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and Sudan) get trashed for their "severe violations of religious freedoms." while the Saudi entity gets off scot-free. Geopolitics (not oil in and of itself, as Kos suggests) trumps freedom on that one; I'd rather be a Christian (espicially an actively witnessing one) in Iraq than in the Saudi entity. Saddam might be nasty, but Christian bashing isn't his forte.

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