Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Iraq, Man, and Basketball Jones-The NCAA has elected to keep March Madness on sked. I think that's a good thing. Is the country better off with Dan Rather telling that the war's going faster than a tumbleweed in a hurricane or with some good hoops? Nothing in particular against Gunga Dan, but news junkies can turn to NBC, ABC, Fox or the cable news channels without losing much. If CBS is covering the origional March Madness, it will allow those of use who are newsed out to turn back to normalcy. You can put a crawler on the screen giving the headlines, but give us our hoops. Do we put the rest of our lives on hold while this war occurs? No. I'm planning to lecture on convertable bonds tomorrow even if war breaks out. I'm planning to go to our home group tomorrow night, too. Yes, I'll be watching and reading the news, but life will go on.

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