Monday, March 10, 2003

"In his boots, I would be shaking, hmmmm?"- This comes close to a battle of wits with an unarmed man, but this lastest nuggets of wisdom from Canadian PM Chrétien is just too ripe to pass up-
"You know, the President has won. I have no doubt about it, he won," Mr. Chrétien said. "He has created a situation where Saddam cannot do anything any more. He has troops at the door and inspectors on the ground. Planes flying over and he cannot do anything."
The troops are at the front door (Kuwait), but he's got back doors (Syria) and side doors (Jordan and Iran) to sneak stuff out with. The inspectors Clouseau aren't going to find the things that the Iraqis are taking any efforts to hide.
"You know, Blix says that he's making progress," said Mr. Chrétien. "I don't know why it's taking so much time. But in fact, [Saddam] is trapped and he cannot move. Two hundred and fifty thousand American and British soldiers waiting there. I'm telling you that if I were in his ... you know, in his boots, I would be shaking."
When Chretien goes mano-a-mano with English, he can sound like a hung-over Yoda- "In his boots, I would be shaking, hmmmm?" He can move a lot, as long as he's discrete. It doesn't take much to move vials of contraband, or even a small nuke, in a truck or two. It's taking so long because Saddam doesn't want to disarm, he merely wants to be seen to be disarming.
Mr. Chrétien called Saddam "a terrible man," and said "we have to take away anything dangerous in his hands." But as long as weapons inspections are producing results, he said, it is not necessary to go to war to do so.
We're not going for find anything really dangerous with the current regime of inspections; we could keep up the pretence of inspections for years without taking away anything significant. Some people prefer bad diplomacy to a good war, and the Fearless Leader of the Great White North seems to be one of them.

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