Thursday, March 06, 2003

Fog in Atlantic, Continent Cut Off-This is an interesting WaPo headline; "U.S. in a Tough Position As Isolation Increases." Glenn Kessler's beginning paragraph shows an interesting bias frame of reference
The Bush administration this week has become increasingly isolated in the world over its determination to topple the Iraqi government, leaving it in a diplomatically difficult position in advance of a critical U.N. Security Council meeting Friday.
My question would be-"Whom is being isolated, the US or the Paleoeuropeans?" My headline plays off of an old British headline, "Fog in Channel; Continent Cut Off." The British editor had the assumption that the continentals were the losers. The standard liberal line here is that the US is cut off from the international community over Iraq, assuming that the US is the loser, not getting the benefit of the broad international view. When you translate "international community" from liberalese to English, it comes to "France, Germany and Russia." The majority of the civilized world, even the majority of Europe, is backing the US. It's the paleoeuropeans who are being isolated from their peers. However, to admit that France is in the minority would be to have the hyper-diplomatic stance seen to be the wrong one, for liberals love to point out when the US stands alone on economics and morality outside of more enlightened norms. Once more with feeling-the French and Russians are in the minority. Oh, but conservative minorities are isolated; a liberal minority are taking a principaled stand.

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