Friday, March 21, 2003

Finding My War Muse-I haven't been overly eloquent about the war since it started 36 hours ago. After I went back to bed after getting up sweaty and typing up this morning's Edifier, Eileen and I prayed through a gnawing discomfort that I've been feeling all week (and it ain't the flu bug). It felt a bit like buyer's remorse, that the war was on and I was a bit too happy to see it start, but it also sapped my confidence as a professor. It was too general a fear to be of God; if He wants to correct you, he'll let you know what you're feeling bad about. Satan's M.O. is to get you generally upset. A good spiritual diagnostic tool is to think over why you're fearful or upset; if you can't get a straight answer, it probably ain't coming from God. So far, things seem to be going smoothly, as I figured it would. We lost a helicopter with 12 guys on board, 8 of them British, in a non-combat crash in Kuwait (I'm picturing the JAG copy-cat episode with the English naval lawyer, do you make him a suave gentleman or a down-to-earth Arsenal backer) and lost another Marine in actual combat. Saddam seems to be on the run and the troops disorganized; Den Beste points out that the overly centralized Iraqi command structure is a blessing here. We're closing in on Basra, the second city in the south, and the British have taken the Iraqi's lone seaport of Umm Qasr; Lileks has a good riff on the city names looking like something out of a sci-fi movie-"Mos Ai-Zhley will be the next to fall." Lileks had another good one-liner "The dog that has not barked or thrown up on the rug: SCUDs tossed at Israel." There are a number of other mutts that have yet to show their face, like chemical weapons of any sort or wholesale well-burning. The most current number I can find is 30 torched wells. 36 Hours in: so far, so good. The fog of war means that clear information is down to a minimum, where we have a lot of news but not much information. Hopefully we'll start getting more information over the weekend. .

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