Monday, March 03, 2003

Evening Musings-Busy day, as I have my Managerial Econ class tomorrow to prep for and a double session Saturday; the great news is that I'm done with my MBA classes as of Saturday and will have a simple three-class, nine-hour load for the last two months of the term. Just in case you need to solve a quadratic equation, here's an on-line calculator; I hopped on the web when I have forgotten that long lost buddy from Advanced Algebra: X=(-b ±(b2-4ac)0.5)/(2a) where the equation is in the form 0=c+bX+aX2 The busyness was added to for a trip over to Lakeland to help pass out flyers for a church outreach free food picnic Saturday at a park in central Lakeland. Eileen's going to be able to help out; I'll be teaching. I haven't done any thing like this since I campaigned for Don Riegel's first Senate campaign in 1976 (sins of my youth, I was only 14). One lady whose door we knocked on spoke muy poco English."Fiesta. Sabado. Dobbins Park." was as good as I could do on short notice; I took Spanish about the same time I was campaigning for Riegel. Google Fun="Arminian cooking" You invite everyone to the meal, but only those who RSVP will get to eat?

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