Friday, March 28, 2003

Evening Musings-Anne Wilson pointed to this piece on Al Jazeera being hacked, both with a denial of service attack and later by having their URL hijacked. They're also looking for a new server
The company also has had to search for a new home for the site after U.S.-based DataPipe said it could no longer host the site from the end of the month. Al Seddiqui said the company had moved its servers to a data center in France.
Figures that they'd turn to the French. Martin Roth has a good essay on Assyrian Christians in Iraq. Go read the other two pieces in his series and add them to the prayer list. So many times in this free agent era, great players play out the string for losers; Emmit signing with Arizona tops the gag-me list. Let's see the British feminazists go into overdrive once the Masters is over; the next two British Open stops have all-male memberships

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