Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Duck Miscegenation-Via Señor Gil, we get this piece from Spain
This has to be the bizarre news item of the day. It appears that a few U.K. ruddy ducks are flying down to Spain, and well playing around. And that's where the problems begin. It seems these ruddy ducks have been mating with Spain's endangered white-headed duck. Incidentally, the talk now is of culling the entire population of 6,000 strong ruddy ducks living in the U.K. - and which according to the following article could cost £5 million and take up to six years. Oh, the ruddy ducks were originally from the U.S.
...Conservative AM Glyn Davies said it was another example of Britain getting a bad deal in Europe. He said the Spanish government should pay the costs, reported to be around £5m. "Apparently 30 to 80 of these ruddy ducks go to Spain, they are sort of sex tourists," he said. "It is dominating all sexual activity and the white-headed duck is now under threat.
Let's see, the Spanish are looking to protect the white race from breeding with ruddy, sex-crazed northerners. They use to have laws against that in the South; where's Strom when you need him?

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