Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Degrees of Seperation-Lileks has this insight
So I talked to Nana, who related one of those small-world anecdotes that stunned me so hard I didn't really react and show my astonishment. She's been reading the blog of a fellow in Iraq; she struck up an email conversation with someone who posted in the comments section, an Aussie. As happens, they swapped professions, location, hobbies, etc., and Nana said she babysat for the child of a writer in Minneapolis. Somehow (Insert missing frames here) two and two and two were added, and it came out that the fellow had been reading the Bleat since 1997. To summarize: through the comments section of a blog written by a man in Baghdad, an Australian who has been reading about my daughter met the Minnesotan who takes care of her twice a week. My wife saw the play "Six Degrees of Separation" this weekend, and the very title of the play tells you it predates the Internet era. Six? That's twice as many as you need.
Blogs wind up giving you connections around the country and around the world that you don't have otherwise. A while back, I was talking with a friend from church about someone that would be a great candidate for a pardon; the person was seemingly overcharged, has served their sentence and have been a model citizen since, the MO of a lot of pardons you see granted that aren't for political activists. However, you need to get such stuff on the Governor's desk directly, for general mail of that type makes it into the circular file. Given my blogging connections, I thought that either Ben or Patrick would be candidates to help route something onto Jeb's desk. In Ben's case, it could go from him to Secretary Thompson to Jeb (who Thompson knows via his governor days) in three steps, four if Ben doesn't have direct access to Thompson and needs his boss to pass it on. Likewise, I'm sure that Mr. Ruffini knows someone in Republican circles that could put something on Jeb's desk. Whether they'd actually do such a thing (I'm not asking) is another matter, but the idea that it could be done in three steps is suprising. That's three degrees of separation from a big-state governor, or from the President for that matter, since both of those guys are one guy away from Dubya. Let's cue up the Disney tape-"It's a small world, after all."

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