Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Community or Inbreeding?-My name's Mark, not John- that's why I'm not likely to be a regular frequenter of the Culture Pimp. He showed up on the Bear's Ecosystem as a linker; not as a complement but as part of a "warblog incest meter." It's interesting to see the effect of the Bear's addition of key liberal blogs to his system, I dropped from about 133 or so to 190 when the liberal blogs were added to the mix; with the liberal Four Horseman, Alterman, Atrios, Tapped and Josh Marshall, cracking the top ten. What our manager of the oldest profession sees as incest might be just as well seen as community. People read things that interest them; I do go to liberal blogs that bring intelligent insight to issues and challenge some of my views. There are some issues that are not as clear cut, and people from the other side of the aisle can have. However, people that have a commonality of interests will tend to flock together. There's a conservative political analysis circle that I'm a part of and an orthodox Christian circle that I'm a part of. However, I do extend out of that conservative ghetto to some libertarian and liberal sites that will challenge my views; if they do it in an honest and intelligent manner, they'll get repeat business. Listening to the opposition is often frustrating, but it also hones your debating skills by seeing what the opposing is saying. They might point out a lame part of your argument or bring up an objection that's outside of your sphere of knowledge. One of the advantages of blogs is the ability to have people with different vantage points hack away at ideas; as long as we go about things in a civilized and honest manner, we can benefit from the debate. However, each side will have its flamethrowers that shed more heat than light or specialize on certain topics. If your not interested in the latest Islamic atrocity, Poco Futbols Verde isn't going to be your cup of tea. If you're not interested in the latest intellectually and exegetically challenged statement from liberal Protestants, MCJ's not going to be high on your list. However, each specialty can round to a good general diet of information. We could do well to add a few liberal veggies to our diet, and the liberals could use a little conservative red meat to add some iron to their diet

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