Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Birth of the Adverblog-Dr. Pepper has a blog to promote a new milk-based beverage called Raging Cow; Papa Blog has this Tech Central write-up on it. It's a fully-function Movable Type blog with commentary from the Cow on life outside the farm. Is it corny? Yes. Is it a bit forced? Yes. Is it funny? If you've got an appreaciation of things like "the revolution will be homogenized," yes The trick will be whether it will sell moo juice. At first blush, this looked like viral marketing, where they try to get influential people in a group to be seen with the product. For boozes, they'll pay the trendy people in the bar to be seen drinking the product and get others to join the trend. However, if the Raging Cow people play their cowds right, they could turn the site into a corny humor site and get people to indirectly promote the moo juice. Blogs are a lot less expencive that other forms of advertising and if they get free PR from bloggers linking to the groaners therein, it will be a bit like people talking about ads at the water cooler the next day, only with people bringing a video of the ad with them. If the Raging Cow adverblog works well, other companies might copy it. However, it would require the right combination of wit and content to get people to visit.

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