Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Big Guppy in a Small Pond?- This piece on a Twin Cities Christian radio station (link from CT) points to a new demographic block "'Guppies', or God-fearing Urban Professionals. In most media markets, there's room for the more traditional sermon-driven preacher shows as well as the "Positive Hits" style of Christian radio. However, if you have to water down the message for the non-born-again third of the audience, you might miss out on a full presentation of the Gospel in the process. Do we want a channel that's "safe for the whole family" or something that challenges the listener to rethink things and turn closer to God? There's a certian amount of marketing that is honorable, but the key is what you're trying to sell. There's enough of a market for light CCM from more-secular refugees from the lust-driven Top 40. The old saw in the CCM industry is that it is hard to bring the Cross over when you crossover. The danger to Christian radio is that they will be tempted to go lighter on songs that challenge the listener to get right with God so as to not tick off the marginal listener.

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