Monday, March 03, 2003

Back By Popular Demand-This Week in Blog History-Bill Simon's win in the California primary was the big news of the week; conservatives were giving each-other high-fives and envisioning a conservative win over the Gray Gentleman. The Bush administration slapped on steel tariffs, bringing all good free-traders to full throat. James Dobson and Moody Broadcasting execs had a exchange of urinary products over how political the National Religious Broadcasters was becoming. Zimbabwe had its election, and the beginging of Grand Theft Nation was being seen. The Reagans had their 50th anniversary. Funny headline from Australia-"PM wants a strong Virgin"-Virgin Blue Airways, that is. I ruined a Googlewhack of Rantburg's for "Autostupid" by citing this piece. I had some decent musings on libertarian foreign policy, Wiccan chaplains and Canadian disintegration.

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