Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Jeb wants to play double-or-nothing on the class-size and high-speed-rail amendments, asking the state legislature to put repeal proposals on the ballot. It does smack a bit of "Y'all didn't vote correctly the first time; let's try it again." Of course, the legislature, especially the Democrats, isn't eager to go along. The recent game of chicken over the Sea of Japan got Mr. Marshall's attention here. Josh has been unfairly critical of the hard-line that the Bush administration is taking, but he seems to be dead-on in pointing out the increasing level of brinkmanship of the KorComms. We could see a North Korean MIG sleeping with the fishes in days if this keeps up, even if the US keeps a level head. The big Canadian business organizations were singing from the Mark Steyn songbook, pointing out that American bashing isn't good for business. Why would that be so? I love to have my intelligence question, let alone the marital status of my parents at conception. Today's the golden anniversary of Stalin's death; this poll shows that we don't have a monopoly on idiotarians; they seem to be a majority in Russia.
A survey by the All-Russian Centre for the Study of Public Opinion released this week showed that 53% of 1,600 people polled said Stalin had played a "mainly positive role" in the country's history. A total of 33% thought his role negative, and 14% didn't know.
How about mass Bible-style placement of The Gulag Archipelago over there? The less-charitable part of me wants to say, "The Axis of Weasels can have them."

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