Friday, March 14, 2003

Afternoon Musings-I'll be heading off to a men's retreat for the weekend in a little bit; barring access to a computer at the retreat site, there'll be blog silence until Sunday PM. The in-laws are on there way back to Tejas, so I can look forward to having Casa de Byron come back to normal and not feel like a guest in my own household when I return. It isn't that they were a burden, it's just that they were there that changes the dynamic, like having my father-in-law listening to webcasts of his talk-radio shows (and fighting him for having to share the computer) and getting meals for four rather than two and having to close the bedroom door to get privacy and having to go into the bedroom to get privacy. Interesting piece on the troops in Kuwait on the "Axis of Evil World Tour." Windy City Slash?-Kordell Stewart's heading to the Bears. I'll love to see what offensive coordinator Gary Crowton can do with Stewart. Crowton thinks outside the box more than just about any OC; I remember taking a truckload of his Louisiana Tech plays and adapting them into my computer football playbook. It might be one heck of a lot of fun. [Update 12:43AM 3/15 Memory Burp-I remembered that Chicago had picked up the old LT coach. I Googled to get Crowton's name, but got a stale site that still had him with da Bears. Turns out he's now with BYU] We're going to have another round of Pete Rose in the HoF stuff; Bud Lite is considering lifting the ban. If he does a full mea culpa, which he has yet to do, I'd be inclined to give him parole from a lifetime ban after 14 years. However, whether he's in the Hall of Fame is a moot point, for everyone knows that he was a great player. What might not be a moot point is him being a color-commentator for or coaching in some capasity. If he doesn't do said mea culpa, he can stay on the TV shopping circuit. This is sad; Kenny Lofton, who once was one of the better leadoff guys in the game, hanging on with the Pirates for a "mere" $1,025,000. He's 35. It's been a dozen years since he came up with that young Indians crew that came together for a great run in the second half of the 90s and it doesn't seem like it's been a dozen years.

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