Tuesday, March 18, 2003

36 Hours To War-For better or worse, it appears that there will be war in Iraq on Thursday, unless God gives Saddam and Uday hankerings for retirement villas on the French Rivera. Everyone over here in the US will be praying for the troops and their families, but let's not forget to pray for the Iraqi people and their leadership.
Pray that the war go cleanly and swiftly. Pray that the leadership doesn't follow through with scorched-earth tactics. Pray that officers get their men to surrender quickly rather than lose lives in a losing and ignoble cause. Pray that the nominal Christians in Iraq turn closer to God and that the Islamic people there see that their faith is misplaced and see Jesus as not just a prophet but God incarnate. Pray that the US and it's allies put its money where its mouth is and actually work to rebuild Iraq into a thriving democracy where all peaceful faiths are welcome. Pray for missionaries and Christian professionals to be called to go to a free Iraq to spread the Gospel further.
These prayers will mean that we can't just take a video-game attitude to watching this war. We need to remember that the Iraqis are people, too, loved by God and worthy of respect.

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