Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Wearing Flip Flops on the Space Coast-Senator Bill Nelson has been critical of NASA underfunding after the Columbia accident
The last two administrations have been starving NASA of money, and because it didn't have enough to do everything it wanted to do along with its cost overruns on the space station, it was delaying the safety upgrades," said Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., on ABC's "Good Morning America" program. "And there's no excuse for that."
However, he hasn't always been critical of Duyba's NASA budget. He praised it here in November 2002 press release
The new budget plan provides for a much-needed infusion of cash to start to provide for space shuttle safety upgrades and infrastructure repairs and modernization. These repairs and improvements will help us fly the shuttle much more safely through the middle of the next decade and possibly even longer. This funding is a welcome reprieve for the neglected and decaying human space flight infrastructure that is literally falling apart at NASA centers around the country.
A change of heart or political opportunism? Thanks to Sean Hannity who mentioned the second item on his show this afternoon. [update 10:15PM-that might be a bit of a cheap shot; it could be some honest desire to see the thing even better funded than the current budget. The current budget was an improvement, but maybe not enough of one]

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