Sunday, February 23, 2003

Trade the Duct Tapes for Duck Hooks-I need to be fair to Tom Friedman; let's give him his props when he jacks one into the seats. Here's the denouement of a piece on being too afraid of terrorism
Because the question is not whether there will be more attacks. There will be. The question is whether we can survive them and still maintain an open society. What good is it to have Osama trapped in a basement somewhere if, by just whispering a few threats on Al Jazeera TV, he can trap us in self-sealed rooms? No good at all, which is why the only survival purchase I've made since Code Orange is a new set of Ben Hogan Apex irons, and why my all-American survival kit would include: a movie guide, a concert schedule, Rollerblades, a bicycle — plus a reminder to attend your local PTA meetings, Little League games, neighborhood block parties and your book club and to get plenty of tickets for your favorite sports team. Leave the cave-dwelling to Osama.
What ever happen to "If we stop doing [fill in the activity], the terrorist have won"? Preach it, brother Tom.

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