Sunday, February 02, 2003

This Kathy Kinsley piece deserves a once-over
While everyone is busy being upset at the radical left (see a small victory), for their disgusting reaction to a tragedy, I thought, just to give some balance, I should point out that the radical-right wingnuts (hate-site warning) are just as bad. Now, instead of writing me screaming that these guys are not representative of the right, which they aren't, note that they are as representative of the right as the nutcases among the Democratic underground are representative of the left. So, I'd just like to ask the right side of the blogosphere to go bash these guys, and the left side to go bash the nutcases on the DU. Ok? And if you can find any centrist nutcases, we in the Vast Center Wing Conspiracy will be delighted to bash them.
OK, consider both sets of wingnuts condemned. However, the left seems to take their wingnuts more seriously than the conservatives do the militia/white-supremacist bloc. I can't quantify it easily, but I can't remember any mainstream conservative sites passing on anything from overtly white-supremacist outfits, while the left's conspiracies have a wider clientele. I'm at a loss to come up with examples; help me out, blog buddies.

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