Sunday, February 16, 2003

Sunday Funnies-I'm presently grading a Microeconomics exam. One of the questions was "What are some of the non-price factors affecting demand?" Someone's penmenship left a little bit to be desired (that's the pot calling the kettle black) and I momentarily read "# of buyers" (a valid factor) as "# of lawyers." No, number of lawyers would be a non-price factor for supply and a negative one at that. One of the reasons for a lack of blogging, other than the aformentioned exam, was a financial planning class I'm helping teach at our church; we had our second class this afternoon. We were discussing the time for a class social outing, when lead teacher Jim asked Pastor Dave "What's your preference?" "Loreal" "You're worth it, Pastor." Another straight line came later when the concept of high church came up in conversation. Straight lines don't get out alive, as I said that "high church" takes on a whole new meaning in California. Dave, without skipping a beat, took a drag on a imaginary doobie.

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