Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Return of the Checkout Lane-Outland has this piece from the comic strip Zits on an all-vegitarian diet that prompted one of the best LOLs I've had in a while. That stringy meat is best served on PETA bread. This WSJ piece on libertarians was a bit hard to swallow for me. Orrin had the same problem and brought up some undigested Lew Rockwell in the process. I haven't permalinked Dave Barry's blog yet, but he's proving to be a micro-Lileks, providing a high chuckle quotient. He points to this piece on squirrel hazing that’s a keeper, it has a subpage on black squirrels entitled Squirrels in Black. They even mentioned the black squirrels at Kent State University. That brings back some fond memories, including a Bloom County-esque student newspaper strip called Ubiquitous Black Squirrels, with the squirrels making appropriate social commentary. [Update-4:05PM I just ruined a Googlewhack on Ubiquitous Black Squirrels]

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