Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The Republican West Wing-Patrick Ruffini proposes the first-season story line for The West Wing once President Bartlet is defeated by Republican Gregory William Prescott. I can even envision a good transition from the current crew to a new one. In late 2003 as Bartlett's second term is winding down, Ainsley puts Prescott's book, detailing his vision for America and heartfelt born-again Espiscopal faith, on Donna's desk. Donna, in the dumps after yet another downer boyfriend, becomes a convert both spiritually and politcally. For months as the primaries take shape, Donna keeps pestering Josh on theology and free-market politics as she becomes a believer. Josh, going though trauma from the shooting and facing a mid-life crisis, starts to seek spiritual help from a local pastor and starts to question liberal dogma as well. By May, 2004, Josh resigns, takes some time to regroup and get up the courage to actively change sides, and offers his services to the Prescott campaign before the convention, bringing Donna with him. For the 2004 stretch run, the show is bimodal, as the remainder of the Bartlet team run the country and campaign for the Democratic nominee, while Josh becomes part of the Prescott inner circle once the Saul-in-Damascus effect wears off and they see that he's a true neo-conservative at heart. When Prescott wins, we already know the Prescott team as they take over for Bartlet. Ainsley stays on, so we'll have three familiar faces from the old crew.

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