Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Prelude to Hell-It's looking more and more like we will be heading into a war with Iraq in the very near future; Powell will lay the US case before the UN Security Council tomorrow. It looks like Canada's on board with or without UN blessing and the French might blink and support military action rather than risk trashing both the EU and the UN. I'm not happy about it. That's not to say that I think that war isn't needed. Given the nature of the Iraqi regime, it is needed to solve the problem. However, the fact that American, British and Australian planes will be bombing Iraqi targets, soon to be followed by troops from those countries subdue opposition and take over the country. People will die on both sides. Property will be destroyed. There aren't too many people who are truly pro-war. Movies that show the carnage of the battlefield from the vantage point of the private and the second lieutenant are labeled "anti-war movies." Even the chickenhawks know that people will die. However, there is the element of war game, where you're looking at the strategic level and lose sight of the people who are dying to meet those strategic goals. It's easy to be praying for "our men and women in uniform" but we also need to be praying for their soldiers and civilians as well; last I checked, Iraqis are people, too. It's a long shot, but the resignation of the current regime would be nice. Short of that, a quick, overwhelming victory where allied power gets the non-Saddam leadership to remove him from power and surrender or for a lucky bomb to find Saddam's bunker. War is hell, as the old saying goes. However, if it prevents an even greater hell, it is called for, and the greater hell of Iraqi nukes or biological weapons in the possession of a ruthless man is the future if we don't take care of it now. That doesn't make the job painless, but it makes it necessary.

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