Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Prayer and Fasting-Hour 47-The Troops-It's very easy for me to discount the standard request to pray for "our men and women in uniform" in the past, but this area has a lot of people involved in the war, with National Guard troops being activated and Tampa's McDill AFB being the HQ for Central Command, who's in charge of Southwest Asian operations. One of our guys from church was called up and the church is having to be there for his wife, whose effectively become a single mom while he's off in the Gulf. However, we also need to pray for the Iraqi troops as well; as individuals, they don't deserve the pounding that they'll be getting. Pray that their commanders don't adopt a Klingon/Sioux "it is a good day to die" mentality when they're clearly beaten and that they don't lose too many people if and when the conflict breaks out. We need to pray for prudence in the Iraqi commanders to know when to surrender and for the high-level commanders to not participate in any scorched-earth policies that their bosses might want to do on their way down. We also need to pray for prudence from the allied commanders in minimizing Iraqi casualties and avoiding another Highway of Death scenario unless such carnage is militarily called for. We also need to pray for prudence in whether a war is needed or whether inspections with shark-like teeth could do the job. I don't think the latter is feasible, but let's pray for it anyway, our God's a big God who’s pulled bigger rabbits out of His hat in the past.

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