Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Prayer and Fasting-Hour 30-The Neighbors-The countries around Iraq need our prayers as well. Kuwait comes first in line; they're within striking distance of Iraqi missiles and might be subject to a vengence attack. Israel is within Scud range, if they have any up their sleeve; Saddam might decide to take out a few Jews on his way off of the planet. While the thrust of the attack would come from their, the Saudi's might get some incoming as well. The people that might get it in the neck are the Kurds in northern Iraq; the Turks want to "help out" by moving troops in there to forstall a independent Kurdistan that would give their own Kurds a way to think about independence. I'm praying that the result in Iraq that would include a small-s secular democracy would be an influence in the rest of the Islamic world.

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