Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Prayer and Fasting-Hour 25-The Iraqi People-They're the ones in the middle of all this. They're the ones who have been hurt by the sanctions over the years; you can debate whether Saddam or the US and our friends are to blame. Joe Sixpack (or the developing world equivalent) is the guy who gets it in the neck with sanctions, as the junta and their good buddies always get theirs before the masses do. They deserve better than their current leadership. I'm praying for that leadership to improve and that it be done as painlessly as possible. I'm also praying for aid workers to come along side once the war is over to help clean things up and begin to rebuild the country, not just physically but politically, legally and spiritually. I'm been sensing for over a week that a revival (a evangelical one) is due to break out once the war is done, so I'm also praying for a cadre of missionaries and Christian professionals to go over and both help rebuild the country and bring a decent people to Christ.

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