Wednesday, February 19, 2003

One More Party Switcher-As the years go by, you see more and more center-right Democrats switch over to the GOP. The flow of elected officials seems to mostly be towards the Republicans; rarely do you see RINOs jump ship and become Democrats. The latest case that crossed my eyeballs was the local state's attorney (prosecutor for a judicial circuit rather than a county in Florida's system) for our area, Jerry Hill, turning from donkey to elephant yesterday. The history professor that gave me a quick tutorial on the state's attorney office said that he was a good guy and that he was sad to seem him change parties (the prof being a rare Democrat in a Republican-leaning office wing). It might not be as high profile as Mississippi's Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck and two state legislators [correction-four per Mr. Carver] switching over to the GOP, but its a sign of continued realignment in the south as conservative Democrats find their populism more at home in the Republican party. Democrats who have respect for a market economy and basic moral values might see that the party of big government might not be the party of the little guy any more.

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