Wednesday, February 26, 2003

On-The-Way-Home Musings-The faculty union might be idiotarian, but USF president Judy Genshaft isn't-she just gave Sami Al-Arian the heave-ho. Let's add one more member to the idiotarian hall of fame
Al-Arian already has filed a grievance against his paid suspension and is expected to contest the firing. In addition, the American Association of University Presidents has threatened to censure USF for violating academic freedom. They say Al-Arian's tenure should not be breached until he is convicted of a crime.
But then again, (I'm not including WSC's President Hall) isn't being an idiotarian a prereq to being a college president on most campuses these days. This might help sink Buddy Dyer-he was plugging for a "living wage" ordinance in his inaugural as Orlando mayor today; the ink wasn't dry on yesterday's election before they swore him in. His radio ads made him sound like a Republican tax-cutter, but he didn't run ads for a living wage on conservative talk radio. such programs will help to ruin the city's economic climate. If city contractors have to pay a super-minimum wage to everybody on their staff, it will mean that only high-wage (translation-unionized) businesses will get city contracts and raise the cost of city government and anyone else doing business with the contractors. I'm not sure that the premise of the abortion-protest case is that great- since the protestors didn't get any property out of the protest, RICO doesn't apply. There are many case where extortion occurs where there isn't any money coming from the victim, like a mob hit on someone who refused to pay protection money or slashed tires on a truck of a mob-company's competitor. Also, there might be some honest benefit from a protest; crisis pregnancy centers could get extra traffic and extra funding from having councilors at an clinic blockade, which might make them RICO targets even if they didn't do anything illegal. I don't have a link for it yet, but there was a NPR report on a NIH(?) panel which took a look at abortion's link to breast cancer. Some earlier studies have shown a link, but the ones reviewed today seem to point against a link. The details might prove interesting.

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