Sunday, February 16, 2003

The New New World Order-Honest, when I saw the hyperlink subtitle of this Tom Friedman article-"China's Passivity," I thought "They don't got a dog in this fight." First paragraph of the article-
After a recent UN session on the Iraq crisis, I asked a Bush aide how China was behaving. "The Chinese?" the official said. "They don't think they have a dog in this fight."
He's seeing this as a First World-Third World fight, or Worlds of Order and Disorder, with the US, Europe and China in the former. That's so tres 1990s. He's thinking of the general coalition that functioned after the Cold War, the New World Order of Bush 41 and the early Clinton years. We're now looking at a fight between Old Europe and its friends and the Anglosphere and their friends. China would prefer mugwumping on this one and Tommy Boy doesn't like it. However, he doesn't like it for the wrong reasons, thinking that all civilized free-market countries are on the same side. I remember Friedman's McDonald's Hypothesis; that two countries with McDonald's are too much a part of the international marketplace that they stand to lose too much to go to war. IIRC, our Kosovo scuffle was the first violation of the McDonald's Hypothesis. I don't think the New World Order paradigm is working anymore, Tom. The Golden Arches might not serve as a shield anymore.

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