Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Motown Salsa: Detroit has a Mariucci Band-I'm more positive about Mariucci's move to the Lions than Kevin is. Last I checked, WC Ford is the owner (if there are minority owners, they're out of the loop) and the franchise has hit bottom, so it's not in free fall anymore. A dead cat bounce, possibly, but not free fall. There are some solid players on the team; two young quarterbacks with talent, a good front seven on defense and some decent "skill position" players. They'll likely play a comparable offence, since Mornhinweg came out of the Niner school as well. However, Mariucci will bring an extra level of cache that Mornhinweg didn't have. Sometimes, coordinators become good head coaches and sometimes they need to go back to being coordinators. At least the NFL doesn't quite have the Peter Principal; they allow people to go back down to coordinators if they bomb out as head coaches.

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