Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Morning Musings-Thanks for any prayers send my way for my flu bug; I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning; I'm trying to figure how to fit that daggum tail into my pants. How do you manage that, Mr. Possum? Isn't it nice of Saddam to allow Bono to get an aerial view of Iraq? President Bush is holding out for trips by the Stones and Springsteen as well. This is fun-we're having an intergovernmental food fight over in Germany, with Green Party Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer ticked that Chancellor Schroeder is more anti-war than he is, leaving him out of the loop too often. You know you're a lefty when... you're running to the left of the Greens. The fun question will be whether the government will fall apart over this; unlikely, since the Social Democrats would get hammered in a new election and the Greens would likely be more inclined to be in the government than in the opposition. If the good die young, then it's no coincidence that "Mr. Perfect" only made it to 44. Steroid side-effects, anyone? [Update 8:00-Got a Google hit for "United States" Vorlons Iraq-and I actually used all three in context. Another warped mind heard from.]

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