Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Morning Musings-I'm not sure what to think of this South Korean incident where some middle-aged Korean started a fire onboard a train with a milk-carton concoction, killing 120 at last count. There's no link to organized terrorism so far, but you don't have to be organized to do a lot of damage. The mind flashes to Colin Ferguson train-shooting on Long Island or the Toyko nerve gas attack orchestrated by the apocalyptic Aum Shinrikyo sect. What made this guy go off the deep end remains to be seen. It's official-they are beginning to organize a recall petition to get rid of the Gray Gentleman; Davis' friends (all 19 of them) can point out that it's a anti-tax group that's spearheading the effort. However the good news is that group behind the recall has got a dozen referenda on the ballots in the past. The Weekly Standard had a piece on this with the too-apt title (given Schwarzenegger's status as a possible GOP replacement) "Total Recall." Mr. Davis pins the claudometer with this statement
Davis added that fiscally responsible individuals wouldn't support another election. "This petition being circulated calls for a brand new election this summer at the cost of $25 million to the taxpayers, according to the secretary of state," he said.
No, sir; $25 million's cheap compared to what bills you're ringing up on a daily basis. Davis will also be at a disadvantage in that he won't have anyone to run against. He only got 47% in November and the anti votes tend to be more prominent in a recall election. I don't remember the last time someone successfully recalled a statewide official. Evan Mecham was about to be recalled as Governor of Arizona in 1988 when he was impeached, rendering the recall moot. Back in 1983, a recall petition was seriously in play over Gov. Jim Blanchard's going back on a campaign pledge not to raise taxes; they failed to get enough signatures to force a recall on Blanchard, but two Democratic state senators were recalled and replaced with Republicans, swinging the state Senate into GOP control.

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