Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Morning Musings-Had a nice veteran professor moment; this is the second time I've taught Personal Finance, so I was able to recycle and slightly modify my Powerpoint presentation on job-hunting from last semester, leaving me some time to blog before class. Yesterday was a long day, as I had to drive up to Dade City (a half-hour NW of Lakeland) to a funeral home; a student's husband had died. It was sobering for me to think what I'd be like if Eileen died; I'd be much more of a basket-case than Judy was yesterday. The family appreciated me being there and even apprecated some black humor about her not being in class last night. The fact that she'd even have to question being at the funeral home suprised me, reminding me of some bad jokes, like the guy on the golf course who doffs his cap as a funeral procession drives by the 10th fairway-
"You know the deceased?" "We would have been married 30 years come June."
One financial factoid she did appreciate is to not do anything stupid with life insurance or other lump sums that come from someone's passing; stick the money in a savings account for a few months so that some slick financial salesman doesn't play "target the grieving widdow" and put you into some unit trust or limited partnership that sucks bilge water. Interesting factoid on Norah Jones, Josh's "girlfriend." Her dad is Ravi Shankar, the noted sitarist. It's a name that Gen X and Gen Y folks might miss, but he was a trendy commodity in the late 60s, where he popularized the sitar in that Asiaphilic era. Josh can stash this in the "Norwegian Wood" catagory, for George Harrison worked with Shankar after playing the sitar on that song. Weird free association from last night-I was walking across the quad during a break in my Managerial Econ class and saw some frogs on the sidewalk that I don't remember seeing in the daytime. "They only come out at night" went through my mind, which prompted Edgar Winter's Frankenstein to get cued up in my mental jukebox.

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