Saturday, February 22, 2003

Morning Musings-Apply the clue stick to former NDP Vermont premier Howard Dean-"What I want to know is why the Democratic Party leadership is supporting the president's unilateral war against Iraq?" They aren't, Howard. They're supporting president's multilateral war against Iraq. Oh, I forgot the liberal dictionary-"unilateral (adj)-Without France." The gal with the botched heart-lung transplant look like she's had brain damage as a result. I'm not buying into the attitide Anne Wilson's taking here (or at least Michelle Malkin whom she's citing) that the young lady should have been at the back of the line as an illegal alien. More on that later; I may riff on that and John Adams' piece yesterday. We might be extending the war on terror to the Phillipines, as the US has gotten the go-ahead to help actively fight Abu Sayyaf; the nationalists are squirming, but let 'em squirm.

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