Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Midday Musings-Mean Dean does an Onionesque piece on the Southern Baptists boycotting "French Wines and German Beer". Just to make it clear, that is a parody Dean's doing; there was no such call. Baptists aren't big drinkers to begin with, so the effect of such a boycot would have been negliable. The FOE backed down a bit on their blockage of NATO aid to Turkey. NATO lives on, but on life support. Cute line here from Orrin Hatch on the pending Estrada filibuster, the Democrats using Weapons of Mass Obstruction. The Talking Dog has labled me a Markiesje. Let's see how good a fit it is looking at a dog-breeder's site. "Small". Not quite, I'm 6'5" and way over the 20-pound limit. "Happy-Playfull:Sunny friendly disposition. A happy out-going personality." Among friends, yes, more of a loner otherwise. "Off Lead:Needs to burn off energy within a safely enclosed area. Needs room to run and time to play in order to be mentally and physically fit." Intelectually, at least. All work and no mental play makes Mark a unhappy camper. "Field, Farm:Hunter, worker, or livestock. Makes himself useful in practical ways." I'd like to think I'm making myself useful.

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