Monday, February 10, 2003

Midday Musings-Light blogging the last few days has been due to a flu-like critter; I got home from church at 4 (first session of a personal finance class I'm helping with from 1-3) yesterday and went straight to bed. I managed to get through my Personal Finance class this morning in one piece and have an Microeconomics exam to proctor at 1, so I somehow managed to do my professorial duties today. Pray for tomorrow-I've got a four-hour Managerial Econ night class. I'm not sure what to make of all the diplomatic twists of the weekend. The inspectors-on-steriods plan that Old Europe came up with is nasty-effective[update 3:50PM-from a diplomatic standpoint only]; one would hope the Iraqis are dumb enough to reject it. France and Germany are stalling a request for help from Turkey; they might want to nuke NATO along with the UN. The Russians are on board the Old Europe plan as well. Is this playing out like some weird diplomatic role-playing game or am I working under too much of an IQ deficit? Question- why does the BBC have problems capitalizing acronyms? The New Republic falls into that problem on a regular basis as well.

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