Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Midday Musings-Den Beste gets all of it here on French unilateralism in the EU and NATO (warning-one F-bomb). If Mr Simberg thought this Tony Blankley essay would hurt, the Den Beste one will make it hard for the French to get out of bed tomorrow. At this point, the majority of the EU and NATO is behind the US and it's the French who are off on their own. We might have started to stare down the bully, leaving him alone and helpless, like in some afterschool special. However, let's limit our French-bashing; to borrow from this Jon Barry quote-"An old friend told me never to get into a fight with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it." I'm not sure what to think about Carol Moseley-Braun's run. She stands no chance of winning and will have to fight Sharpton for the black vote. I can think of two reasons why it might be marginally successful. The first is that there is a lack of a really hard-core liberal in the race; she could get into the high single digits running a red-meat (or whatever a vegan would salivate over) liberal campaign. The second is that she would be a credible female minority candidate. People have focused on her presence stifling Sharpton, but she could also be a draw for leftist women as well. It's not enough to get the nomination, but enough to possibly get into double digits and a spot on a VP short list. She's got enough expense-account baggage from her Senate days to make that problematic, but she might get more of a hearing that I would have first thought. The guy who's candidacy suprises me is Dennis the Menace; sorry, after remembering him as a young mayor of Cleveland in the late 70s, I can't take Kucinich seriously as a politician. He has junked his pro-life stance in order to fit in as a liberal Democrat, and seems to be running as a take-no-prisoners leftist. With Dean, Sharpton and Mosley-Braun in the race, that niche is getting crowded. This could be like fellow Ohioan John Kasich's abortive run in 1999; if you're a possible presidential candidate, you get more press and more respect than if you're just a congressman (that's not quite fair of Kasich-he was much more of a playa than Kucinich) and you get to put "former presidential candidate" on your press releases in the future.

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