Friday, February 28, 2003

Midday Musings-Ben's busy breaking down the NFL free-agent market. The lowlight is Emmit Smith being cut by the Cowboys. The hightlight is that Tampa Bay's on the short list for his services; he underperformed on my fantasy team, but he might be a good fit for the Bucs. Kordell Stewart will be an interesting commodity. He's too good to be a backup but too erratic to be a great starter; maybe he might mature like Randall Cunningham did and morph from an athlete to an athletic QB. The paleoeuropeans will have a snit over this one; the Freedom Party's back in government in Austria. The paleoconservative party got its head handed to it in last fall's elections, going down to 10% of the vote, but the mainstream conservtive People's Party preferred a center-right coalition to a grand coalition with the Social Democrats. No, Heider's not the Antichrist, Left Behind's baddie's last name's Carpathia, not Carinthia. There's a Candadian plan to hold off a UN decision of Iraq for an extra two weeks? Be still my heart. If they were getting Mexico and Chile to agree to NAFTA expansion, it would be news, but this isn't going anywhere. I had mentioned earlier in the week that one of my Lakeland churchmates was an extra in Gods and Generals-the Ledger did a nice write-up on Jonathan today.

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